Temporomandibular joint, or Jaw pain is common problem often seen in our Bellingham office. After an car injury, most people have so many injuries sometimes the TMJ pain isn't immediately noticed. The neck and jaw work in unison to such an extent that following a whiplash injury, jaw pain can actually originate from the injured cervical spine..

When assessing your injury, we will first determine the cause of your TMJ symptoms and then determine the best course of action to treat the problem. Patients not only experience pain, but clicking, popping, difficulty opening the jaw, and the jaw sticking in a certain position, all of which give indications as to how best treat your individual condition.

If you've been involved in a car crash, and developed TMJ symptoms, we've helped thousands in the past, and  we might be able to help you. Brain & Spine Clinics' chiropractor helps our community recovery from neck injuries, jaw pain, and car crashes. By identifying the pain generator or the cause of your pain, we can help you get you back to health and living life again.

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