Shoulder pain following an car injury is a common problem seen in our Bellingham chiropractic neurology office. 

Shoulder joint movement is the greatest of any joint of the body, which makes it extremely susceptible to injury, pain and dysfunction. Dr. Jeffrey J. Albright is trained to diagnose and treat patients with this type of condition.

Shoulder pain can be due to direct blunt force trauma to the shoulder itself, or secondarily to neck injuries after motor vehicle collisions. In either case, Dr. Jeffrey J. Albright will first evaluate to identify the cause of your symptoms and then develop an individualized treatment plan to address not only your symptoms but the underlying cause.

If you're experiencing shoulder problems of any kind, or pain caused by a car accident, Dr. Jeffrey J. Albright is here to help you at Brain & Spine Clinics. Call our office today to schedule your car injury shoulder pain consultation appointment at (360) 746-8378..