Our Bellingham chiropractic office sees many people with car injury related neck pain. Because of the tremendous forces involved in automobile collisions, neck injury is almost a certainty upon impact. Dr. Jeffrey J. Albright is trained to diagnose and treat these injuries and has helped thousands of car accident victims.

Due to this exact type of injury, head restraints were designed to help jet fighter pilots prevent whiplash injuries. The forces experienced in a motor vehicle collision are more severe than what a fighter pilot experiences, so it's easily understood how a cervical spine whiplash injury can occur.

Research demonstrates that 1 in 4 people involved in a car crash will develop chronic pain and permanent disability. Neck pain is one of the most common of these conditions that can become chronic if not treated promptly following the car accident. It is our best recommendation that patients be evaluated as soon as possible following the inury and tell them to come into our Brain & Spine immediately after an injury. Dr. Jeffrey J. Albright, your Bellingham chiropractor, has experience treating even the most severe cases. He can still gently treat the neck, mobilizing the joints and tissues to reduce restriction, decrease spasm, inflammation, and tenderness and help  prevent scar tissue from forming.

If you've been in a motor vehicle collision, it's critical to  get the care you need to treat your car injury pain promptly. Call our Bellingham chiropractic neurology office today at (360) 746-8378 to schedule your car injury neck pain consultation today.