Headaches are a common problem Dr. Jeffrey J. Albright, Bellingham's car accident chiropractor works with people with a wide variety of causes of headaches, there is a category of headaches that are induced directly from the neck, which makes it easy to understand why people suffer from headaches following a motor vehicle collision.

The four general categories of headaches following an carmobile collision are:

  • Cervicogenic headaches- Headaches originating directly from injury to the neck or cervical spine.
  • Tension headaches- Muscle strain or tears in the neck can cause these types of headaches.
  • Migraine headaches-  Vascular injury can be indicated by throbbing and these types of headaches.
  • Traumatic Brain injury- Car crashes and whiplash cause Post-Concussion Syndrome including headaches.

Of all the types and causes of headaches, the vast majority respond quite well to chiropractic, thus it is considered the treatment of choice. The course of treatment for your individual type of headache caused by an car injury will be determined by the mechanism of injury, injured anatomy, exact type and severity of symptoms you experience. 

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