Dr. Jeffrey J. Albright, chiropractor,  has seen thousands of auto injury patients during his career. In our Bellingham, WA chiropractic neurology office cervicobrachial syndrome, formerly known as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome(TOS) is a common condition treated. Cervicobrachial describes nerves coming from the neck going down the arm. The thoracic outlet is the area in which nerves and blood vessels travel and often get impinged. This area is susceptible to injury following car accidents. Fortunately, Dr. Jeffrey J. Albright  has years of experience helping thousands of auto injury patients recover from this type of problem.

Cervicobrachial syndrome can present differently for each and every patient, and is most commonly misdiagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(CTS). It is most often experienced as numbness, tingling, burning or pain sensations in the neck, shoulder, arm, hand or fingers, worse while driving or when hands are overhead.  Our job at Integrative Health Bellingham is to first get you an accurate diagnosis, in order to treat your health condition properly.

If you are suffering from the symptoms noted above, give our office a call today at (360) 746-8378 for your auto injury cervicobrachial syndrome consultation.